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Mission: To preserve for posterity the Old-Style Siamese1 and to improve the health of this breed.

Specific Goals:

 © To recruit, encourage, and mentor new or experienced not-for-profit breeders willing and able to responsibly breed the Old-Style Siamese.

We need enough breeders to maintain a healthy gene pool for the breed, but we do not want kittens produced in excessive numbers. Therefore, we discourage large catteries in favor of many tiny catteries, each with its own small happy family of cats and a unique bloodline. Many small catteries make for happier cats, less overworked breeders, and a large healthy gene pool for the breed. Good breeders develop the contacts and skills to work with other breeders; one breeder cannot and should not try to carry an entire breed.

© To search for old, rare, and healthy lineages of Siamese and place them in breeding programs designed to both preserve healthy genetic diversity and perpetuate the critical historic traits of the breed.

The emphasis is on finding rare lineages that can restore healthy genetic diversity to the historic breed.

© To develop and maintain a breed standard and guidelines for breeding the Old-Style Siamese that will preserve the health, personality, and moderate appearance of these cats, including the development of guidelines for genetic testing and screening.

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