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Code of Ethics

 All individuals who are considering joining PREOSSIA should read the PREOSSIA Code of Ethics. Members who are not breeders are mainly affected by Part IIA of the Code.. Members of PREOSSIA who breed are subject to all sections of the Code of Ethics, except where it specifically states something is not mandatory. Individuals who do not wish to abide by the club's Code of Ethics should not join the club. Existing members who decide they no longer wish to abide by the Code of Ethics should immediately resign from the club. The Code binds the members together and is how we show our respect for each other.

Glory-S Liebe, blue point, 1969. Bred by Clare Scott.

I will remember that PREOSSIA is above all a breed preservation society, i.e., that its members are to preserve and improve the health of the Old-Style Siamese breed for posterity and that this aim must take priority before all other activities involving PREOSSIA.

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