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For Breeders Only: Should YOU Join PREOSSIA?

On this page, breeders will find a questionnaire designed to help them decide whether to join PREOSSIA. Breeders, please also read the introduction below. Thank you for considering us!

For a breeder, choosing a breed club is an important decision. Breeders should not join just any breed club. A breed club is a group of people who work together for the benefit of the breed. In order to work together, they need to be compatible. They need to have the same way of defining the breed and the same general goals for the breed.

If the breeders in a breed club are compatible with each other, they can achieve wonderful things for the cats. They will also develop friendships and learn from each other. All members of the club, as well as the cats, benefit. The founding members of PREOSSIA all have had prior experience in other breed clubs. We know from firsthand experience what a difference compatibility of the membership can make to a club.

You should only join PREOSSIA if your ideas about the Old-Style Siamese are very similar to PREOSSIA's ideas. If you join the club but have conflicting ideas about the breed, you will not easily be able to work with other breeders in PREOSSIA. For example, the other breeders may not want to exchange breeding cats with you. You may discover that you do not want to exchange breeding cats with them either. That's not unfriendliness. It's just that breeders who have worked hard to achieve health and a certain "look" and personality in their cats do not want to see that work undone by breeders who do not share the same vision.

Here's another important point. PREOSSIA members use English to communicate with each other. If your ability to communicate in English is extremely limited, you will not easily be able to understand the club's literature and rules. You will probably not be able to read the club's newsletter or participate on the club's listserv. You will not be able to converse with most of the breeders and other club members.

If after reading through the Web site and completing the questionnaire below you conclude that PREOSSIA is the right club for you, by all means request a membership application. We'd love to have you with us! The breed needs more high quality breeders and fanciers. You can find membership information on the membership page. The questionnaire is for your own self-testing. You do not need to send us the results. Thanks.


Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions.

1. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should preferably have a round skull?

2. Do you believe that the fur of the original Old-Style Siamese imported from Siam was sometimes semi-longhaired or fluffy and had a thick, plush undercoat?

3. Do you believe that breeders sometimes need to sell their kittens or cats without registration papers or pedigrees?

4. Do you believe the Old-Style Siamese should sometimes be mated to purebred cats from other pointed breeds (such as the Birman or Tonkinese or Himalayan) in order to improve the health of the Old-Style Siamese breed?

5. Do you believe that only Old-Style Siamese that are seal points, chocolate points, blue points, or lilac points are genuine Siamese cats?

6. Do you believe that it is okay for Old-Style Siamese to sometimes have readily visible ear tufts on the tips of their ears, so that they look a bit like wildcats?

7. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should preferably have kinked tails?

8. Do you believe that breeders are entitled to make a profit from breeding their cats if they are able to do so?

9. Do you believe that the profile of the Old-Style Siamese should have a large nosebreak or "stop" between the brow and the bridge of the nose?

10. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should preferably have crossed eyes?

11. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should preferably have compact, chunky bodies without any kind of elongation?

12. Do you believe that inbreeding is beneficial to the Old-Style Siamese in order to keep the bloodlines pure and healthy?

13. Do you believe that polydactyly (having more than five toes on a front paw or more than four toes on a rear paw) should be allowed in the Old-Style Siamese breed?

14. If your Old-Style Siamese queen produced a beautiful kitten with white paws, would you breed that kitten as an Old-Style Siamese?

15. If your Old-Style Siamese queen produced a beautiful kitten with long fur, would you breed that kitten as an Old-Style Siamese?

16. Do you believe that spaying or neutering kittens before they are 4 months old is harmful?

17. Do you believe that vaccinating your kittens against feline distemper (the 3-way or 4-way vaccines) is harmful?

18. Let's suppose your queen produced twenty kittens that were completely healthy during a three year period. Then, in her fourth year, she produces one kitten that your vet says has a serious genetic defect such as renal amyloidosis or cardiomyopathy. There is no laboratory test for the defect. Would you keep one of the queen's healthy kittens for breeding?

19. Do you believe that conventional veterinary treatments for cats don't work and that only natural, alternative medical treatments should be used on cats?

20. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should have small ears?

21. Do you believe that Old-Style Siamese should preferably not have a modified wedge head?

22. "The pedigree does not matter. As long as the cat looks like an applehead, the cat is an Old-Style Siamese." Do you agree with that statement?

23. Do you believe that most breeders can learn how to breed skillfully just by teaching themselves and reading books, but without any need for a mentor?


Add up the number of questions to which you answered "yes." If there were any questions you felt you could not answer, count those as "yes," also. Give yourself one point for every "yes."

Click here for the key to interpreting your score.

Auf Deutsch (For a German translation of the questionnaire, click here) However, please remember that if you cannot easily understand the questionnaire without a translation, it may not be in your best interest to become a member of PREOSSIA.

Old-Style Siamese kittens

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