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Those Amazing Old-Style Siamese

Formal, posed photos may reveal the beauty but fail to convey the wonderful personality of the Old-Style Siamese. On this page you will find links to informal photos, mpeg files, and web pages that demonstrate what it is like to live with an Old-Style Siamese.

Ronan, the Old-Style Siamese, listens to the music of a comb being played. We think either the comb music was turning Ronan's stomach (like fingernails on a chalkboard) or making her think of small birds of prey. What do you think?

Sydney, the Old-Style Siamese, clearly had the same reaction to comb music as Ronan.

Meet Sondegaard and Kimba, mother and daughter, and do the OSS Mambo!

Little Lightfoot (aka "Baby") plays fetch.

King Scar plays fetch. Scar is a wonderful example of the way OSS litheness and grace are combined with much larger size and bone structure than are seen in show-style modern Siamese. Scar is an 18 pound neutered lilac point male. Here's another video of Scar playing fetch.

Old-Style Siamese and crickets. These two cats discovered a bunch of live crickets in a sealed container. Wow! Unfortunately, the crickets are intended as food for some lizards. The meezers quickly realized that they couldn't reach the crickets, at least NOT YET.

"Baby" takes a ride in the swing. The vertical position of this Old-Style Siamese female's tail indicates that she was happily enjoying the ride, though we are pretty sure that she was also thinking about where to scamper her way into mischief as soon as she could get down. (PREOSSIA recommends that Old-Style Siamese cats be kept indoors with lots of toys, sunny windows, and carpeted cat "trees" to climb. If taken outdoors for any reason, they should be under direct physical control of the owner, in a carrier, or on leash with full harness. The old expression "curiosity killed the cat" is doubly true for Old-Style Siamese.)

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