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Since the Thai as of 2010 is an established championship breed in both North America and Europe, PREOSSIA's role has shifted to education. It is an organization that provides educational materials to the public and to breeders. PREOSSIA also maintains a breeders list, free of charge to breeders and free of charge to the public, as a service. PREOSSIA's work is done by volunteers with a documented history in the breed, most of them among the founders of the organization. Be wary of breeders who claim they are PREOSSIA members in their advertising. There is no such thing. Also, anyone using the PREOSSIA logo is doing so without permission and in violation of the law.

Prestwick-Beresford Old-Style Siamese
Breed Preservation Society

"There's no cat more beautiful than a healthy cat."

The Prestwick-Beresford Old-Style Siamese Breed Preservation Society (PREOSSIA) was the first club in the world that was devoted solely to the preservation of the Old-Style Siamese (OSS). In fact, PREOSSIA was the first club to use the term Old-Style Siamese as a formal name for the old type of Siamese.

Many of you will remember the OSS as the Siamese seen everywhere during the mid-twentieth century and before. We see the OSS in old movies such as 1958's Bell, Book and Candle. Many people call this old type of Siamese the applehead Siamese. Some cats that meet the PREOSSIA definition of an Old-Style Siamese may be labeled elsewhere as Traditional Siamese, Classic Siamese, or Primary Siamese. However, those other names are defined so that they sometimes refer to cats that do not meet the definition of an Old-Style Siamese. The Old-Style Siamese is the same as the Siamese still bred today in Thailand and long known in that country as the Wichien Maat.

When we first created the PREOSSIA website in 1999, the Old-Style Siamese could not be shown at cat shows sponsored by major international cat associations. Beginning in 1990, they could be shown as the "Thai" in Europe, using the World Cat Federation standard. The World Cat Federation in Europe is not an international cat association. It is an organization that publishes standards and offers guidelines to hundreds of independent European cat registries that they may adopt if they choose. From the start, many breeders complained that the WCF standard for the Thai was vaguely worded such that it could describe many different types of cat. The judging of the Thai, according to many European breeders, varies greatly from club to club and even from judge to judge.
Nonetheless, Europe did something very important for the breed. The breed name Thai became well established from 1990 to 2006, and the rest of the world's registries began to get used to the idea of letting the old type of Siamese back in the showhalls.

Thus, in 2007, the name Thai was adopted by The International Cat Association (TICA) as the international breed name, the cat show name, of the Old-Style Siamese.  In 2010, the Thai earned championship in TICA.

By whatever name it is known, this is a Siamese that is more robust and less extreme than the modern CFA show-style Siamese. At the same time, the Thai is not cobby and roundheaded like a Himalayan. Rather it is like most of the cats you can still see in Southeast Asia today: a substantial, moderately oriental cat with a modified wedge head. The kind of Siamese we are talking about can be clearly seen above and in many old photos of Siamese cats from one hundred years ago. It is clearly described in the TICA Thai Breed Standard.

PREOSSIA is the international breed club devoted exclusively to the Old-Style Siamese, now known in the showhalls as the TICA Thai.

A few of the things people like best about PREOSSIA are:

Siamese Cats: Legends and Reality, by Martin Clutterbuck
This 2004 book, a considerably expanded version of an earlier book by Mr. Clutterbuck, contains the first complete English translation of the 14th century Siamese Cat Poems. It also contains the first published, factual, detailed account of the evolution of Siamese cats in their ancient homeland and their place in ancient and modern Thai culture. Western myths about the cats are debunked, and the reader hears, for the first time, the Thai side of the story. A charming, enlightening, unique book by a university-trained expert in Asian cultures.
Illustration of Siamese from
                Tamra Maew

For more about the Old-Style Siamese and PREOSSIA:

PREOSSIA's Old-Style Siamese (Thai) Breeders List
  TICA's Thai Breeders List
Note that TICA is currently revising their website design. They will keep adding breeders to the different breed sections as they gradually catch up with the mass of data not yet uploaded.

Code of Ethics  - Extensive ethical guidelines considered the ideal by the founders of PREOSSIA and followed by most of the breeders listed on the club's Breeders List. 

Ten Signs That You are Dealing with a Bad Breeder

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The International Cat Association's Thai Breed Standard
This is the breed standard used internationally when showing Old-Style Siamese at cat shows. It is the ONLY breed standard for the "applehead" or old-fashioned type of Siamese that has been approved by a major cat association. We define a major cat association as a cat registry and cat show sponsoring organization that has reciprocity agreements (official standing) with hundreds of well established cat registries located in many different countries and on more than one continent.

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Educational Materials & Articles

Siamese Eye Colors from Whitish Blue to Navy Blue (see photos showing the full spectrum of Siamese blue eyes)

Understanding Old-Style Siamese: The Basics
For Children Who Love Old-Style Siamese Cats
For Adults Who are New to the Old-Style Siamese  
Sydney the Old-Style Siamese
Thinks "Fish"

By Jamie, age 7,
PREOSSIA Youth Member

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